DervishD homepage

I'm putting together this simple page so you can access my free software projects until I want to make something more... professional. Or something like that.

First things first: I like libre knowledge, specially Libre SoftwareThat's the reason why I choose the Artistic License 2.0 for my software projects. You can take a look at my versioning policy.

I'm not only one of those despicable computer geeks. I'm an audio geek, also. Despicable, too. I have a collection of earphones, and I use them all, believe it or not. Me wants more!

Here you can find my libre software projects.

Last but not least, and only if you dare, you can take a look at my photo albums. Be careful, 'cause just like Bon Scott used to say, I'm not exactly pretty, not exactly small. You've been warned...